3 Best Places to Eat for any Students who come to Surabaya's City's Centre


This topic is inspired from @Ivy’s article on: https://www.easyuni.com/advice/6-easy-grab-n-go-breakfasts-1354/

Are you currently an Indonesian student, or, are you an international student who study in Indonesia? Perhaps you should check Surabaya’s city centre. As its’ name suggest, Surabaya’s city centre has many things to offer, since it’s the heart of the city. Most tourists (and international students as well!) I’ve known only know about 5-star hotels that surrounds the city centre, including JW Mariott and Sheraton. Those places might be good for business meetings or education expo. However, in fulfilling our daily, primary needs, those can be very expensive choices! Here in this topic, I’ll provide a short recommendations on 3 best places to eat for any students who come to Surabaya’s city centre, based on overall quality and price. By any means, I said, “students”, so, all of the following places will have a student-friendly price.

1. Kedai Pak Rudy, Tunjungan Plaza 2, UG Floor
This newly-established restaurant has nicely-tasted foods and beverages. Although most coffee and juices offered by this restaurant look nice, I won’t recommend it unless you have an extra budget. Most people love Nasi Udang (lit. Deeply-Fried Prawn Rice), and I would recommend it as well. Kedai Pak Rudy’s Nasi Udang tastes crunchy and not so oily, so, it’s safe for those who are on diet. One nasi udang is worth IDR22,500. It’s the same value as a latte, espresso, or iced coffee in the same place. Nasi Udang is Kedai Pak Rudy’s signature dish.

2. Indomaret Point, Dinoyo territory
Indomaret Point is located a few metres near campus and students’ accomodation, no wonder it has plenty variations of frozen foods and drinks that are cheap and affordable. Crunchee (worth about IDR10,000-IDR15,000) and some variations of instant noodles (e.g.: Pop Mie) are the most popular choices among students. For your information, crunchee is a kind of fried dim sum, and each days have different variations of crunchee. I have seen a second-year student bought a soft ice cream that worth IDR3,000. Ichi-Ocha has been students’ favorite drink since the day I knew Indomaret Point. It’s a bottled green tea that has a fragrant smell, and it costs IDR6,000. If it’s unavailable, most students will look for nicely-tasted self-brewing coffee or frozen juice. When I was on my third year, I love their self-brewing latte, and I can recall the moment where I over-poured my milk…And it still tasted like heaven! Self-brewing coffee or frozen juice’s price are ranged from IDR8,000 to IDR9,000.

3. Hari Hari Vegetarian Food, Pasar Atum, Atom Mall’s Food Court
Being vegetarian is definitely a healthy choice! Aside from healthy, most vegetarian foods in Surabaya come in an affordable price. One of the restaurants that provide healthy, cheap vegetarian foods in Surabaya’s city centre is Hari Hari Vegetarian Food. The plus thing about this food stall is, it’s open every day during working hours. I’ve seen an Indian person who eats Nasi Rendang (worth IDR23,000-IDR25,000) here. My personal favorite from this food stall is Nasi Hongkong, which contains vegetarian char siew, salad, eggplants, and vegetarian beef rendang, and costs around IDR20,000. Vegetarian Fried Rice with its’ delicious vegetarian char siew is also my favorite, since it resembles real non-vegetarian fried rice, although it is more healthy because of the tomato’s rich flavor. A portion of Vegetarian Fried Rice is worth IDR20,000.