A trip to Cameron Highland!

As an international student in Malaysia, I had the chance to visit so many places here. But among them, I want to mention about my Cameron Highland trip because this one is the very first trip that I made with my friends.

This trip occur when I was in my 1st year of university life, after three months I arrived in Malaysia. The reason behind to go there was one of my friends birthday celebration. I never imagined that the place Cameron Highland could offer moderate weather in the dry season and could have this much natural beauty as well.


The above picture is a normal scenario for Cameron highland even if you visit there in a dry season. I went there in the morning around 4.00 am and it took 2 and a half hours to go there by car from my university campus. Though it was my first tour I was really excited about that and when we reached to the waterfall which one is located at the side of the road I felt like this is the best place in the world.:smiley: but I really didn’t know that what was waiting for me next.

After the waterfall we went to the Boh Tea, a popular tea plantation company in Malaysia and they have total 8000 acres of land with full of tea tree and it looks so green and well managed that for a few moments you could feel like you lost yourself in a huge green garden and get a deep connection with mother nature :heart_eyes:. We celebrate our friend’s birthday there in the restaurant which is operated by Boh tea company itself.


Our trip was for two days and one night. Though it was a short and sudden tour we visited almost every place in Cameron including mousy forest, Chinese temple, bee farm, strawberry garden and so on. In my opinion, it could be the best place for a vacation trip to any individual who loves to stay in a quiet, cold and foggy place with lots of natural beauties.

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