Accommodation around/inside UM

I’m getting enrolled in UM (university of malaya) this semester so i wanted to know about their accommodation system. Can i like get a room + toilet for myself only inside the uni ? and if so what are the approx prices ?
O any idea how it is around it ? i prefer living alone as much as possible so knowing that i can find a one room flat around the uni or inside is super relieving !

Hi, Imdad here, I’m a master (research mode) student from UM.

As far as I know, there are two types in UM accommodation: normal hostel (mostly international students are in College 10 and 12) and international house (Section 17, outside of UM).
Normal Hostels (Colleges) provide shared room and the toilets are outside of the room and common for one floor.
International House is like a house, you have a toilet inside the house, but still the house is shared by 4 people I think.
To answer your question, No, you cannot get a toilet for yourself. But, if you have special reasons, you can request to the office, international student division to give you a single room. I’ve seen a friend who has stayed in College 10 in a single room, but he still needed to share toilet and bathroom.

The fees for normal hostel is RM 450 per month and international house is RM 500 per month.

Well, it’s possible to get a private room outside nearby UM.
Usually people advertise the rooms and everything through UM siswa email. You will get one.
Some people look for the room in the siswa email, saying my budget is this and I want this location, something like that in the email. I’m not sure it works, I’ve never tried.
Or you can search on your own