Accommodation facilities for IUKL students!

We all know what does it mean when someone says home. Well for a student, home means something different from usual term ‘home’ because student life is not actually like family life, where most of the students live with their friends or live alone. But it is really important for a student to find a suitable place where he/she can stay and do focus on study. If the accommodation isn’t appropriate for that student then it’s obviously affecting their future career and in the end, that student may fail the semester.

Today I’m gonna talk about accommodation facilities that IUKL provides for the students. When I first admitted here that time IUKL has their own hostels. Basically, there were two, one for boys and another for girls. But the parent company of IUKL have decided to renovate the boy’s hostel but they don’t say how long it gonna take though :thinking:
So boys have shifted randomly, some of them moved into Ikram Lodge which is normally known as FMD or accommodation office. It’s pretty much similar to the previous hostel but the size of the rooms are quite large compared to old hostel rooms and some of these rooms has air-con which was not provided by the old ones. The rent for these rooms in between 450-550 MYR depends on whether the room is single or double and AC or Non AC.
But IUKl is now providing a new hostel service at Unipark condominium which is a residential building and IUKL somehow arrange some duplex apartments there for the students especially boys who want to stay within IUKL authorities. The fees are higher than the previous hostel but these new apartments provide good facilities for the students and the price range for the new hostel is 400-600 MYR.

Other than these two facilities there is two condominiums for the students who don’t wanna live in a hostel or don’t wanna be controlled by the IUKL authority :wink:. One of them is De Centrum City Residence and another one is Unipark Condominium .

These two condominiums contain residential apartments which are mostly owned by other people who don’t live here but they let students rent these apartments by monthly basis. The cost of these apartments is not that much high compared to Uni-park the rent of De Centrum is a little bit high because De Centrum is only two years old and nicely maintained.

The price range for these apartments is normally varied whether the apartment is furnished or non-furnished, how many rooms it has and what facilities that apartment provides. Normally if the flat is furnished with three bedrooms then the price starts from 2000 MYR and if the flat is not furnished then the price could be 1800-1900 MYR. Same goes for the 2 bedrooms flats, if furnished then the rent could be 1400-1500 MYR and without furnished 1100-1200 MYR.

These condominiums are private property so university authority has no responsibilities for those students who stay in these apartments. If students face any trouble which is made by his/her own mass or being involved in any illegal activity then university authority won’t take any steps for rescuing that student until it becomes a major issue for university reputation.
but if anyone ask my personal opinion then I would suggest if you are an organized and manageable person then you better go for these apartments because you can customize your place as your own and the environment of De Centrum is better than Uni park or Ikram lodge, it’s my opinion though when you start studying in IUKL, you may find it otherwise.

If you already been in IUKL and have experience in these residential places then please share your thoughts and experiences in the reply section. It might help someone who is planning to come and study here. Thank You for your time and consideration.