Best place to study in INTI?

Is your test coming? Looking for place to study for final?
Everywhere is so crowded? Let’s list out the best places to study for you, so that you can check them out one by one:

  1. The best i guess is the library, but the air-conditional is too cold. Remember to bring your sweater along.
  2. SB room,but sometimes they close i just don’t understand. And, some of the SB will close before 11pm. Some clubs will book SB room for their event. (especially, gathering night)
  3. Dining Hall, sometimes very crowded, go early before 7pm. Try not to wear shorts if you don’t want to get bitten by the mosquitos.
  4. Hostel common area, best if there’s no a bunch of people who like to play around when study. midnight around 3am probably will be quite.
  5. Block N common Area, if you don’t like the cold air-con room, this would be preferable.
  6. sneak into academic office (just joking)

Tell us the your secret best place to study, maybe we can join you.