Can International Students Part-time work in china while studying time?


How Much time an international student can work while studying time?


Wow, that’s a really broad question, and actually, worth of being discussed. I’m surprised that no one even seem to pay attention to this; I think I’ll just have to warm up the discussion.

Rather than “International Student”, I consider myself as a global-minded student–I’ll travel all over the world to share my love of learning and enthusiastic spirits to other people. I love learning and I’ll make it compulsory for me to enter bookstores when I go abroad. You can say that I am a lifelong learner who is willing to learn from anyone and everywhere in the world.

In addition, I also have a knack for any volunteering jobs. Lately, online volunteering has successfully piqued my interest. I’ve applied to some worldwide organisations and will be seeking more volunteering jobs on another organisations.

Therefore, why can’t one person study while working part-time? Studying (or better, learning) itself is an on-going process that people can’t avoid; it’s not limited to just going to universities or colleges. In this IT era, nothing is impossible by online technologies, including working part-time in anywhere (including China).