Come walk with me in UTAR Kampar Campus

Hi everyone :relaxed: Diana here and I would like to share you all how it feels like studying in UTAR, Kampar campus. It’s a very lovely place to study and relax because it’s nothing like Kuala Lumpur. If you’re a person who appreciates the beauty of nature, I strongly suggest you visit UTAR. Here are some photos and feel free to ask me questions about UTAR.

The campus is surrounded with many flowering plants and Chinese bamboos.

This is a picture of the lake near the campus. It’s not a canal as there are fishes and even monitor lizards that swim in this lake. Sometimes, you might even catch a group of buffalos bathing in this lake!

It’s very peaceful here as you can see this bird is having its ‘moment’.

Here’s a better view of the campus :heart_eyes:

This is the view you’ll see from the faculty department. Nice isn’t it?