Cost of Living While Studying in Australia


For international students, knowing the average living costs in Australia is an important part of your financial preparation. The tuition fees are not the only expenses you need to prepare, you may need to find accommodation, transportation, food, and entertainment.
The annual cost of living in Australia is depends on your daily lifestyle and the type of accommodation you choose. However, A$400-A$500 per week is generally the sufficient costs for most students to live comfortably in Australia.


plz reply me how much money will be spend in austraila while a student if use its income as luxary life style


Yes, true. The expenses are generally depends upon the person who is living there and his lifestyle. if you reserve approximately A$300 per week for your accommodation then around A$150 per week is enough to have for other expenses, which may be reduced if you select your student accommodation nearby the college, in that case can you can save money from your transportation as well. whereas if you live a luxury lifestyle then it goes beyond that may be around A$400 per week excluding accommodation expense.