Experience and ways in fund raising (ranging from uni club to Big event)

Anyone have any idea? :pray:

LOL, that’s a short and precise post. :joy:

Try . It’s easy to create an event, get sponsors, negotiate, and even manage tickets. :slight_smile:

Check their FB here: https://www.facebook.com/youthstoday/home

Sorry :joy:…(my experience)Currently we fund raise for club through doing small event in college (95% of our club is free member ship). We do small event to collect fund to organize big event ,but most of the time big event did"nt earn or even have to bear loss.
For next week SEGi KL will have a small Entrepreneur Week where student are allow to sell thing in lobby to collect for club and to gain knowledge on entrepreneur skill to run a business.So i took the oppurtunity and give a shot :laughing: .But till now did"nt have any experience in collecting big fund like ranging to RM10000~RM 90000

I think getting sponsors for capital is also very important, so perhaps looking for angel investors would be a good kickstart for any business :slight_smile:

You could also do retail business but that would need you to keep up with trends.