First impression of IUKL for a fresher!

As a student, my experience in IUKL is quite positive. When my father first mentioned about IUKL, that time I had no idea about how the IUKL is and I searched on web but couldn’t find enough information about it which could give me a better idea about the campus and lifestyle. But I was so exited about my uncertain path in IUKL.

When I reached in Malaysia, a guy from IUKL picked me up from airport and brought me in the marketing office of IUKL for further process of my application. There was some students like me who just admitted. It took almost 2 hours for processing all the paperwork and then I got chance to complete my registration for my accommodation at IUKL hostel.

That was my first day in IUKL and I still can remember how friendly the staffs were when I shifting my things in my new room. My roommate was so polite and he treated me as his younger brother and gave advice on how to register for my new semester and how to login into student portal.

Then I attended the info day which means a welcome ceremony for new comers, this ceremony normally organised by university seniors and students represent council (SRC). In this day freshers normally introduce with each other and get divided into small groups and then need to perform some task which is given by the organizer. Later I got a chance to organize this induction event when I become senior as well :wink::wink: and it’s really exciting for both the students and organizer.

Now I almost complete my bachelor degree from IUKL but I really miss those days when I first get into in IUKL. That day will always be evergreen for me because that day added a new chapter for my life.

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