Foods that can found in Malaysia!

Today I’m going to talk about Malaysian food culture. I mentioned before in one of my topics that in Malaysia there are so many races and nationalities living together. Though they are sharing one country they have their own cultures, traditions and norms. That’s the reason you can find various and different types of food all over Malaysia. There are three types of food that can mostly found in the neighbourhood.

1. Malay food


If I talk about Malay food then I just should mention about #Nasi_Lemak. It’s very popular and favourable food item in Malaysia as breakfast or short meal.


Then the second food that comes next is #satay. It’s not only popular but also refers to traditional food in Malaysia. There is one satay restaurant I’m familiar with that they are doing this business from generation to generation.


Then the third one that I want to talk about is #Roti_chanai which is normally used as dinner or snacks and also very well known food in Malaysia.

2. Chinese food


If I have to talk about Chinese food then the first name that comes up in my mind is #Chee_cheong_fun. It is a famous Chinese food in Malaysia which can be found in any Chinese restaurant. It’s normally the main course but it also can be a side dish, depends on the people who order the item.

The name of this item is #Bak_kut_teh and normally it’s the main course because this food contains meat. This meat could be pork or chicken. Pork is considered as non-halal food so if you want to try this food in a halal way then you need to order the chicken one.


Then if you want to find any dessert item you must try #Ais_kacang. It is a popular dessert item among Malaysian Chinese people. It contains jelly, nuts, ice, sugar and fruit items.

3.Indian food


Indians normally prefer spicy and heavy food compared with Malay and Chinese people. This food is called #Biriyani. They have different types of biriyani like mutton biriyani, beef biriyani and vegetable biriyani. This type of food you can always find in Indian Mamak shop here.


This Item normally called #Nun_roti. You can find this item all over Malaysia at a cheap price. It’s really used as a dinner item because this food serves with soup and spicy items.

Other food
You can find Arabic, Pakistani, Bangladeshi food as well in Malaysia because people of these races also live in here. So in my opinion, finding the right food isn’t that hard to compare to other countries. You can find every type of food in Malaysia that is another reason why we call Malaysia as a multicultural country.

If you want to know more about the food culture in Malaysia then you can visit this page for more information.