Fully refuel or partially refuel?

As a student who have cars, do you guys prefer to refuel fully or partially? And what are your reasons?

if i have money i like to refuel fully. i believe the fuel takes more time to run out

Usually i fuel fully & it lasts for a week because i rarely go out

Yea it’s tiring to always having the need to go to petrol station just to fuel the car

thats why im using local car only… cheaper fuel hehe

Depends, sometimes will fully and sometimes will partially refuel.

Of course when you refuel fully it will take time to empty. If got some pocket money, can refuel fully

It must be a long journey isn’t? Maybe the distance also take place how the fuel last long.

depends on request , if there is outstation will be full .

partially refuel for me is better , at least upon drive would not feel the car very heavy . haha .

prefer full tank , as easy to control and manage .Morever it can monitor on the mileage usage .

I prefer to refuel fully. It’s better for me and no need to go petrol station regularly.

Now, we can use Setel application with our smartphone. It was Malaysia’s first fuel e-payment application. Let’s try it guys. It’s suitable for people who want to get in a rush. Very easy mehh…

Actually its depends on how you is technique to drive …

agreed. Its also kind of safety . may find a petrol station with crowd ppl in order for safety…

I am driving foreign car save fuel also . its also depend on how drive your car .

as it need queue for proceed payment , also need take car of especially need off engine .Its take time

now a days , can monitor petrol price . if the price will increase for next week, hence will consider pump full , before price increase.

Yes , its seem has rebate for new users . Hence try no harm.

Other ewallet offer more cashbacks and rewards than this app