Graduates of these universities were found to be more employable

A lot of people would say that it does not matter which university you came from when it comes to getting employed. I would tend to agree but given the tight competition and the fact that there are more applicants than job vacancies, I’d begin to believe that sometimes the university you came from can affect your chances of getting hired.

In tune with this, Times Higher Education shared the results of its latest Global Employability University Rankings. The results show 13 UK institutions making the top 150 of the list, with University College London and Imperial College London joining the Oxbridge institutions in the top 15. The list is dominated, however, by US institutions, which claim six of the top 10 spots.

Here’s a peak of the top 30

The survey contacted 2,500 international recruiters in 20 countries.For the full list you can view it here.

Are you a graduate of any of these institutions listed? Tell us how your university has helped you land better job opportunities. :smile:

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Would that mean if my university is not the list, I will have a very tough time finding a job?

Not necessarily, Sarah. This is basically a guide for those who want to be employable on a global scale but that does not automaticaly mean that if your university is not in the list, you’ll be jobless.