How Music Helped Me Deal With Depression

Music has monstrously helped me to deal with depression and anxiety in the past. Whenever I felt like I was helpless and in my blues, I put on my headphones and listen to some music I have in my playlist. Music helps me reflect the feelings I’m going through and somehow makes me feel better. Music keeps me from indulging into the toxic thoughts that go through my head. Apart from that, during my darkest nights when I can’t find my way through the muddy alleyways of my mind, letting music flow into me helped me to express my emotions and healed me in ways no one could. When I begin to feel somewhat better, I can view things in an alternate point of view. I could analyze what I have to do to put my life back together and start feeling myself again. I realize music is consistent and I know it will always be there to help me through my darkest days. I know there are songs that will say what I need to hear. Music will always be a way to escape and help me find peace within myself. When words fail, music speaks. Music never lies.