How you STAY ALERT in class when lack sleep?

Okay we know snap a selfie or rub your face with ice cube will not do, cause you are not allowed to do it in class. So do with “take a 20 minutes nap” and “turn music on” as you need to focus in class. So here is some extra tips (other than in the infographic) to stay awake in class when you are sleepy. You can surely do the following:

  1. Walk to bathroom: get your body refresh while have a light exercise (walking)
  2. Wash your face with cold water, (instead of ice cube) let the cool to refresh your mind
  3. Interact with lecturer,
  4. Sit in the front or middle row,
  5. Stop tapping and scrolling your phone,
  6. Sit up or change your sitting posture over time,
  7. Drink a lot of water and keep hydrate your body,
  8. Take a (cold) bath before class, (not suggested when winter)

Perhaps any of you have better idea or some ridiculous marvelous brilliant thought on how to stay alert in class. Put your comment down there, and see if it’s working? :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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LOL seruiously turn out music in class? LMAO
I would probably gonna play Plant vs Zombie, i mean it’s challenging and you can stay awake for the rest of the class.
I do that in class bcs classes is so boring…
Might be the reason why my grade is like crap

I have this thing w watching people who are sleepy in class. Watching them when Im sleepy is actually quite fun. Everyone should try it once in awhile. It’s entertaining especially when the person is about to doze his head of on to the table or accidentally going face first on the table.

I think doing some exercise and yoga would do the job. Besides, exercise is perceived as a way of training your brain for a better health and a creative mind ( Can 20 minutes of exercise before an exam boost your scores? ). But without a giant mug of coffee and a super-duper breakfast, your chances are that you’re gonna fall sleep.


Definitely coffee and a lot of coffee. I just don’t get a lot of time for exercise

I’m always the drinking a lot of water and sit in the first row to keep myself awake. I always have my water bottle with me and I would keep on chugging more water if I find my head starts to wander around. And I would be really embarrassed if I look sleepy when in front of the lecturer hence the reason why I sit in the first row so I would try my best to stay awake.

Having a cute teacher helps too to stay (or pretend to be) focused! Hehe.

And exercise more! Had hit the gym four times a week last year (gone down due to injuries) but found that it helped with my tiredness so much more since

No ways, you just find it so sleepy and nothing can help :slight_smile:

go out class to catch some magikarp :joy: