INTI Accommodation @ Nilai

There are three choices around INTI Nilai University:
(i) Halls of Residences - 16 blocks of on-campus hostels - 5-10 mins away from hostels
(ii) Desa Palma Apt - 7 mins away
(iii) Starz Valley Condo - 10 mins away

Where are you staying at? Which rental is more affordable? Check out the availability and price @ users here at HostelHunting. :wink:
Are you finding roommates and/or housemates currently?

Just to complete Ivy’s statement. For the Halls of Reasidence from INTI, if i’m not mistaken they have lots of type. Which one are you referring to? They have single rooms (with or without AC), twin sharing rooms (with or without AC) and rooms that attached with bathrooms (lot of choices). It’s not expensive so it’s pretty affordable.

And for the Desa Palma Condominium, i think per unit usually aroudn RM2200 - RM 2800 per house…you can also find your own roommates. So you can divide among the people.

And for Starz Valley Condo this is not really expensive because this is like studio…usually the price is range from RM700-RM900.

I think i will choose to live in the hostel with single room and aircon. I don’t like sharing room but also i don’t really like share the bathroom but the choices are limited so haha single rooms is okay.

Hi guys, saw this thread. I encourage you to check out this channel Hostel Hunting as they help you find student accommodation that fits most budgets.

There are also housing area behind the Al-Salam which is just 10mins walking distance to campus