Is it practical to take a course overseas when it's available in yout local instituions?


Hello EasyUni and readers!!!
My name is Kwon Yuri from South Korea! I wanted to study in USA with marketing major but my mom said that i can do this in my own country. Because Marketing is pretty basic courses and every University have this. Did you guys think it is practical?


Hi @KwonYul great to hear from you :blush: we think you’re mom is right on the fact that marketing is a course offered by many institutions in your country but as a marketer myself, I wouldn’t say it’s basic as marketing concepts evolve along technology improvements. On the practical aspect, your mom has a point however if we are looking to expand horizons there are also benefits to studying abroad especially in countries where most of the world’s best-loved brands were created.

  1. Experience a new culture different from what you’ve been accustomed to
  2. Establish networks with your marketing peers that you meet overseas
  3. A lot of employers look for overseas experience as an added plus. As a marketer you must have a global outlook (it is just as important as being able to focus on a market/niche)

Thankfully there are institutions that offer twinning programmes, have you checked in South Korea? This will cost you less since you’ll be spending only a semester or two overseas.

Let me know what you think and if you have more questions, feel free to ask us more :relaxed:


Yes from for the point number one is right, i wanted to see outside world so much. My whole life i’ve been in Korea for 21 years. I’m not sure about twinning programs but then i wantd to stay there and do full time study there.

South Korea is not interesteing for me maybe because i live here for whole life but then again US is pretty interesting for me.

Does EasyUni have any suggestion for me who wants to study in US?

Thanks for the answer.


Hi @KwonYul well it depends on what kind of university experience you want. Some students aim for the popular Ivy leagues while there are some who will consider an unpopular college. Since you’re taking marketing USNews came up with their list of top universities in the US for marketing:

Northwestern University, Kellogg
University of Pennsylvania
Stanford University
Harvard University
Duke University
University of Michigan
Columbia University
University of Chicago
New York University
University of Texas

Kindly check this page


Good morning Ms. Lyn,
My name is Kaita Samson, I’m a graduate with a degree of bachelor of arts in economics from one of the most famous universities in Uganda. I hereby seek to further my studies under the umbrella of easyuni scholarships but in USA because I can’t afford paying tuition for self yet so much zealous to study from abroad and also learn about other cultures around the globe!
Any information and advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks
regards, Samson


Hi @kayisam I assume you’re interested to further your masteral studies in the USA. Do you have a couse and university in mind? And what’s your estimated budget for your overseas studies? If you like, we can get a counselor to help you. Just PM us your mobile number, email address, full name as well as the course/university you intend to pursue your masteral studies.


Hello Kwon , Your mom is bit right but you can have the courses done via virtual education as well as it is more convenient and cost effective.