Is studying in singapore as expensive as studying in australia?


Hi all

im considering to study in singapore. But my friends are telling me that singapore uni’s are now as expensive as australia :scream:

anybody have any data or numbers to validate this?


A friend of mine studies BA of Accountancy in Singapore at the Singapore Management University… the tuition fee for the entire course is about SGD 150,000 which is really expensive. I don’t know, maybe it’s because SMU is a private uni, does anybody knows how’s the tuition fee in public unis?


@grapesreed If you compare the cost of education in Singapore versus popular study destinations like US, UK and Australia, Singapore is actually quite affordable. I read a study by AIA in Singapore and average cost of education in Singapore for a standard 3-year degree is about S$93k, versus S$175k (UK), S$202k (US) and S$153k (AU). So, it’s actually quite okay lor to study in Singapore. Food nice, weather also nice :slight_smile:


@grapesreed study abroad of course expensive la, no matter where. If got money no problem la, anywhere also can go :wink:

if you want cheap, come Malaysia study la, don’t go SG; Malaysia cheaper ma :grin: