La Paloma in Barcelona

I heard that La Paloma is a must visit while in Barcelona, is it actually a nice place to visit for students to hang out?

@sil_silvestre Yeeees, it’s the must-see place in Spain! I was there on holidays a year ago and I enjoyed so much! The see & beach is awesome, delicious food and local people are very friendly.You must try the traditional meal - paella! So yummyyy! :sunny:

suspiciousslaty is spot on! And you might want to try birding at Laguna de Rocha too!

Birding at Laguna de Rocha, what’s that about? @quacktonto :smiley:

Thanks @suspiciousslaty for the tip, I love paelaa! I am from the Philippines, and we have a lot of Spanish influence (imagine we were in more than 300 spanish rule!) and I think it is a good way for me to broaden my horizon, the main reason why I wanted to study in Spain. Have you tried other dishes too, my Spanish friends always tell me that they party every night, wine and conversations are always plenty!

Yeah @quacktonto, what’s up with Laguna de Rocha? How is it special? :grimacing:

Yeaaaah @sil_silvestre, Spain is veeery famous for partying and night life lol :wink: :blush: :sunny:
Actually I was thinking… I really would like to do summer course in Arts in Spain but not sure if to go to Madrid or Barcelona. I know that Madrid is really cool and lots of galleries and museums are there, but Barcelona is at the seaside. Any suggestions?

yup cool place in my opinion but nothing special. Spain is cool but I still think the UK is better. HAHA

Hey @joe_smith are you studying in Spain for the moment?