Let's Discuss on Multitasking

In this topic, I would like to get fellow Student Ambassadors to discuss about Ronnie’s article about multitasking (Link: https://www.easyuni.com/advice/stop-doing-it-downside-of-multitasking-1366/?utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=multi-tasking). It stated that by knowing our top priority and starting up our tasks earlier, we will be able to eliminate any possible distractors.

Well, who knows?

Time management can only be applied in some cases, in things that we can control, such as waking up, eating, or drinking. Time management is only a part of our daily efforts. We can put lots of efforts, yet, we can’t prevent disastrous things that might happen any time we try to manage our time. Even when we know our top priority, there will always be new doors to open, trying to steer ourselves out from our usual priority.

Simply put, what if we have firmly decided, and committed to, do our projects or homeworks by the time we woke up, then suddenly, there are our family members that cries for IMMEDIATE help at the same time? Also, at the same time, there are about 15 incoming calls–all of which are equally important–ringing noisily on your phone or smartphone?

I’ve personally experienced it. Multitasking is unavoidable, even if we have committed ourselves not to multitask. However, I don’t completely disagree on all of the parts–I do agree on Ronnie’s #2 stated effect on memory impairments, as it’s normal for people: The older we are, the more impaired our memories. Especially on #3: Increase Stress Level. I experience it many times as a result of multitasking. Maybe the most important thing is, we need to be just relax and enjoy the present moment.

How about you, fellow Student Ambassadors? What are your opinions on Ronnie’s articles?

I agree with Ronnie that we should avoid multitasking.Its easy ,try to brush your teeth while cooking or reading at the same time you will subconsciously stop doing one thing.I believe there are time that we really need to multitasking but its just not efficient.

In general, I agree with Ronnie’s article about multitasking. My take is this - Multitasking is detrimental yet unavoidable at times.

Indeed, #5 & #6 is especially prevalent in society nowadays. As a student currently studying and residing in Singapore, more often than not, it is commonplace to see families eating together - yet not talking as everyone is too busy catching up to the latest news/gossips that social media has to offer. This is especially true for teenagers, who would often mumble a one word reply to their parents questions. This often results in lack of interaction with their families/friends.

Furthermore, given Singapore’s high stress levels in University, students often have no choice but to multitask between assignments of different modules, leading to higher stress levels and reduced quality of work as mentioned in #3 and #4 of the post.

However, I feel that there are other issues that are worth considering such as in this article on pros and cons of saving time.

Hence, although there are more cons than pros for multitasing, I believe that the single pro of saving time (or the illusion of it ) is often captivating enough for many to continue sticking to this approach, just like I did!