Making friends in Malaysia as an international student

My name is Salman Hasan. I am from Bangladesh and now completing my graduation from an university in Malaysia. Here I want to share some experience that could help foreign students to create their own friend zone.

Malaysia is a multicultural country where Malays, Indians, Chinese and many other ethnic groups live together in peace and harmony. I never faced any discrimination or racism in my student life, all of these people live their life with their own cultures and traditions. not only these, they also respect each others norms and cultural heritage. Any foreign student can easily make friends here if they intend to.

When I first arrived in Malaysia I was so nervous about how could I talk or behave with other students because I never been any foreign country before. I can still remember it was really hard for me to get comfortable in my first lecture. But then gradually I realize it is easy to make friends here. It’s just a matter of your expression and depends on how you approach to others. The name of my very first friend in Malaysia is Zikry. He is studying with me and lives in Kuantan. We first met on our accounting class but that day I would not expect that we could be friends and complete our graduation together. Not only him I have manage to make friends with so many people from different countries and races. But it’s really important thing to remember that you need to be humble and polite when it comes for making new friends.