Movie Discussion, shall we?

One shall not let the otaku rule this forum.

So… have you guys watch Jurassic World yet?
I just finished the previous 3 episodes of Jurassic Park yesterday night. But heard that Jurassic World is not really a continuation of the Jurassic Park.
Anyone wanna go movie tgt? I x belanja :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ps: I see BAC students get free movie tickets for Jurassic World, Minions and Fantastic Four… Not fair :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Hey! hey! any BAC student here? can anyone of you donate 1 ticket for me aaa? :hand:

wakakaka… well, it’s somehow connected, somehow not… but it brings back good childhood memories tho… LONG LIVE DINOSAURRR… hahahhhaa

Yes ba, BAC got partnership with GSC so their student will get free ticket.

btw, back to movie review. i just watched SPY yesterday. it’s very funny movie and yeah almost one cinema laughed cause of Melissa McCarthy acting. she is real comedian la.hahha

you all should watch it, won’t regret it especially if you are stress cause of assignment :sunglasses:

anyone watch insidious 3 or minions yet? i wanna watch both movies but no time :frowning:

let me know what you guys think about both movies ya, so i know whether it’s worth to watch in cinema or buy dvd and watch at home better :smiley:

i don’t support piracy okay, so won’t download movie LOL

finally somebody open this discussion here :grinning:

i’m pretty sure most of you have watched avengers 2 right? what you guys think about that movie? im gonna tell you my opinion about it:

  1. it’s not as nice as the first 1
  2. for me the joke in the movie quite lame, i don’t even laugh =.=
  3. too much drama between captain america and iron man

what you guys think about the movie?

I’ve watch the first Jurassic Park when i was in primary so I’m excited to watch Jurassic world this weekend.

:cry: eeeh free movie tickets? Can you hook me up? lol :grimacing:

(queue behind @omelettebullocks & @trogleduckets)
I pun mau free tickets (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

My sis watched edi. She says Jurassic World very the nice…
But she doesn’t jio me go watch (๑¯ิε ¯ิ๑)

Now movie pending list:

  1. Minions ❀(´◡`)❀
  2. Jurassic World
  3. Spy

Hopefully the cinema is not that crowded.
(So thankful I’m a Uni student. Can avoid all the crowded period ヽ( ^∀^)ノ)

I watched Jurrasic Park, not impressive. :unamused:

Heyy heyy,chill out everyone. This summer is gonna be a big one for blockbuster movies.

But, no matter how good the movies that will come out later, nothing will beat Furious 7. That movie was amazingggggg :heart_eyes:


Hey, I’m new here. :blush:

I saw someone say Otaku rules the world.
Let us tell them that Movie is Da Best!!!

Let’s start with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… This movie is just ruin my image towards the comic. They do not look nice in the movie… Too real and a bit, emm, i don’t want to say but they are really ugly.

Give back my Ninja Turtle :cry: Their image will always be in my :heart:

Hahaha… Maybe you should what this in Youtube instead:
“How The Avengers: Age of Ultron Should Have Ended”
(I think there is 2 parts)
Maybe can make you laugh. :smirk:

I think the hero characters are just too much and have to cramp all of them into one movie.
Why… They are already good enough in their own movie.

jurassic world: loved irfan khan’s character in the movie. any hope of him still being alive? please?

spy: love it! melissa’s great in it, and jason statham was surprisingly funny.

minions: aww…have a weakness for pixar movies, but so far the best is still the first 8 mins of Up, short and bittersweet.

talking about movies, how about local ones? Love the Journey. new ones like Kapsul and Polis Evo, anyone have seen? can share reviews?

Yeah! You were discussing about movie right? So i want to share with you all to watch this movies, made from our local production… I went to watch it last month with my sister who suggested this police movie… Seriously i dare to say this movies was so fantastic, thrill and funny… it is a popular movies nowadays… don’t miss out! :slight_smile:

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Wah. Really attract me to g to watch the movie. For me, a local production also had done a good work. Among them is Munafiq. Its really real and thrill

Yeah Bac student here yeah we do get free movie tickets :joy::joy: hahaha

As you all Know due to covid all movie theater are closed. Yesterday I visit at couponcodify for some purchasing’s so after checkout they offered me a free membership of Netflix on behalf of my purchasing’s.