Need to find student hostel in Malaysia: Shout out for Semenyih!


Salutations Earthlings! We come in peace and bring glad tidings.

This month we are featuring our newest addition to our family of areas which is…. SEMENYIH!

Catering to a majority of students who go to the University of Nottingham campus (but of course not limited to just them), we have found several places which is just a ride away or literally just a jog away.

For you who are unaware and have no clue on where Semenyih is, it is a small town in Selangor, about 8 km southeast of Kajang along the Kajang-Seremban road. Some additional information, that may or may not be factual however is still very interesting, is its said that the name is derived from a Negeri Sembilan dialect which means “hidden”. Do comment below on your thoughts, we would love to hear from you.


Is this near University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus?


Hey there!! We have different listings available in the link below. They are all about few km away from University of Nottingham.,2.9433610000000026&distance=15


If you want to rent a student room in Nottingham of University Malaysia campus, Here are few suggested room that are near to Nottingham.

  1. Single room (rm580/month)

  2. SIngle room with bathroom (RM250/month)

Varies variety, hope that help!