Note taking techniques

I know a lot of students struggle with note taking. Every student have different way of note taking that they are comfortable with, no doubt. But here a few systems that many students swear by.

1) The Cornell Note-taking System
The Cornell System is a popular way of taking notes, which enables you to record the main information during the lecture and to make observations and notes related to the information, after the lecture.
To take notes according to this system, divide your paper in the following way: Draw a vertical line one third of the way from the left hand side of the page. During the lecture, take the main notes during the lecture in the area to the right of this line. Try to collect the main points and don’t worry about outlining or classifying at this stage.
After class, make observations and notes about the main content in the area to the left of the line. Write down key words, phrases, expressions, or cues to summarize the info. If there is space, you could also write in questions to help you review the material later.

2) The Mapping Method
Mapping is a way of taking notes through graphic representation. By making connections between facts, ideas and details, mapping improves your concentration, demands your active participation and sharpens your critical thinking abilities. Instead of seeing pages and pages of words in your notebooks, you will start seeing diagrams, maps, arrows, circles, colors and other coding and classification devices. Suitable for visual learners.

3)The Charting Method
For certain types of distinct information, the charting method can prove useful. By drawing and labeling columns in advance, you can record relevant information into the appropriate category. This not only reduces writing time, but also enables you to summarize and compare information easily and quickly. When reviewing before an exam, you can reproduce the chart which summarizes the key points related to vast amounts of information.

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Interesting post, @joee_hoo. I suppose most of female students will use the mapping method, as it enable them to use various colors and symbols to help them learn.

For me, I guess I use combination of Cornell Note-taking system and the charting method. I know while it might be overused, I just learn better when I can completely understand things. For timely purpose, some students (sometimes even include myself) often take quick notes because the lecturers often explain faster. Perhaps this method of taking notes is the most practical, as it tries to follow the lecturers’ pace. However, I find most students using this method struggle on their exams–they don’t even understand what did they write on their note! So, whenever I take notes, I try to keep my notes as tidy and organized as possible, so that I can understand it better. If the lecturer draws chart, I’ll draw charts. If the lecturer writes main point, I’ll write it as well. That way, I can truly ace on my exams.

For a reading subject, i prefer a mapping methods but for more a formula and others stuff, maybe the charting methods more preferable

I guess the note taking technique I use daily would involve both mapping and the charting method! But if I have to choose between both of them, I would usually go for mapping mainly because my head remembers things better when it involves colours and diagrams!

I usually use mind maps as I’ve been taught to use that since 13 as my school teaches us that as part of the system🙈