Oxford Uni recruited actors and artists as visiting fellows. Good idea?

Recently the University of Oxford has announced recruiting a few actors and artists as their visiting fellows, including Emma Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch.

The very fundamental idea is to add to the cultural life of the college and at the same time enthusing students in applying to the college.

Surely, they are people drawn from a variety of backgrounds, professions and callings. Because of this, they can form a meaningful bridge between the academic community a college provides and the worlds the actors represent.

The new positions are strictly part-time, however, and would include quite informal meetings according to Oxford. For instance, the minimum requirement is for Benedict Cumberbatch to drop in occasionally at one of Oxford’s halls.

What do you make of this?
If an actor or an actress would be willing to visit your college, who would you choose and why? Do you see any good in it?

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They can certainly do. I mean it’s not just their visit to a certain college that is impactful, but also their presence in a university while filming a movie. Think about how Harry Potter (and especially Emma Watson) is a reminder of Oxford.

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Using arts and movies is a marvelous way of making students more enthused about a certain university. Indeed, Oxford’s Bodleian library has been one of the greatest movie locations.

Ya, it’s cool to hang out with Emma Watson.