Passive Income for Student

For alumni: When you were a student, what have you done to create passive income? Or, what are you currently doing to create one in your life?
For students: What are you currently doing to create passive income?

Generally speaking, passive income is the money that you’ve earned with a little effort or in irregular, or small amount. When you win a certain competition that rewards you for money, that money become your passive income, since it doesn’t come regularly even though you get a big sum of it. By depositing certain amount of money, interest earned is a passive income, since it comes with a (very) little effort, and it is always in a small amount. Money earned while taking online surveys or by cashbacks on mystery shopping can also be categorized as passive income. In summary, there are many ways to earn passive income, and generally, it’s easier to generate passive income rather than active, regular income.

I am doing Tune Talk Excel as i only have to pay my prepaid but i still get rewards by it. If i can find other person to be below me. I am getting more profits.

Dont have much time to generate passive income.

Which mystery shopping company is good? As I haven’t found one that accepts my request to be a mystery shopper yet

Currently earning passive income through investing :sunglasses: although the amount was little but its growing

Hi there!

Currently, I am still an undergraduate in Singapore.

For me, I usually try my luck by participating in online contests! I often chose those contest which offer lower rewards as they are usually the one’s with a realistic chance of winning! Also, I tend to participate in contest which are interesting such as quizzes! They can also help to improve my general knowledge! One website I frequent will be PanelPlace. You can check out this month’ promotion on guessing the sketch! You can also check out facebook groups which contains lots of online contests for people to join! I usually win prizes around twice a month on average from online contests

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