Payment for PTPTN

Payment for PTPTN is even more Rewarding with BIG Prepaid MasterCard

It sounds really painful when people are paying lump sum for PTPTN, therefore we decided to reward AirAsia BIG Points to those who pay their PTPTN with BIG Prepaid MasterCard! With no extra requirements, just register yourself at here, make payment with the BIG Prepaid MasterCard at the PTPTN Counters and you will be rewarded instantly! With every RM 2 of your payment for PTPTN worth 1 AirAsia BIG Point, you can now redeem more deluxe rewards that you have been craving for! Thus the joys never end here, we want you to stand a chance to win 100’000 AirAsia BIG Points with every payment you made for PTPTN; which the points are equivalent to 3 return AirAsia flight tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong!