Penang- An island with heritage

In the year 2017, I had a chance to visit Penang Island, another most tourism place in Malaysia with a rich heritage and historical architecture. I went there with my friends and it was in the middle of the year most accurately the month was July, our semester final just got finished and we were wondering where to go in this vacation. Then suddenly one of us proposed for Penang Island and he also mentioned about what could be the budget for 2 days and 3 nights. It was not that much at all but we travelled in a group so it compressed the total budget, if anyone wants to travel alone then the cost could be higher.

The total distance of Penang Island from Kuala Lumpur is about 358 kilometres if anyone wants to go there by road. We started our journey around 1 am after midnight and we had reached there around 6 am in the morning so it almost took 5 hours using the toll road. It was quite an exciting long drive for us because the total highway was so smooth and wide enough for a safe and sound long drive.

Our primary destination was George town which considered as a capital place for Penang Island. This is a place where you could find history, nature and traditions get mixed with each other. If you really want to explore George town then you better walk around across the street rather than using a car because the places in George town are not too far from each other. We visited Clan jetties and Kok Lok Si temple in George town where clan jetties is a place where approximately 6 or more jetties situated and the clans in Penang operate and use each jetty which under there clan’s name. And then the Kok Lok Si temple is a Buddhist temple in Penang, some people said this is the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. It cost us Rm 15/per for the entry fee. The whole city covered by some wonderful and creative street arts and tourists can take pictures as a part of the art that’s which seems so real and this is the most amazing part of these arts.

Then our next destination was Batu Ferringhi which is almost 12 kilometres far from George town. This city is another tourist attraction in Penang for its natural beauties and traditional values. But we didn’t have enough time to explore the whole city. We just visited the Batu Ferringhi beach and the night market that is so large that it almost covered the whole Jalan Batu Ferringhi which is considered as the main road of the city. It was like every citizen of that area were being busy after sunset. :smiley:

In Batu Ferringhi, there is a butterfly park where we wanted to go but couldn’t make it due to the shortage of time. But that place is one of the most beautiful and natural resourceful places in Penang.

The third place where we been was Penang national park which is not too far from Batu Ferringhi. You can take a bus or private car as well, if you want to go by bus then you need to take rapid Penang which will cost Rm 2 to go to the national park. This place is more likely a mangrove forest which is really well maintained and taken good cared for by the government. This park has over 500 flora and fauna species, as well as a meromictic lake at Pantai Keracut, mangrove swamps, mudflat areas, coral reefs and nesting areas for some endangered turtle species such as the Leather-back and the Hawks-bill turtles.


These are the places where we have visited so far, but there are some tourist spots that we missed because of time shortage. This place includes a snake temple, Penang war museum, Fort Cornwallis, Penang 3D art museum. If you want to visit Penang then you shouldn’t miss these places especially Fort Cornwallis and snake temple because both of them have wide historical values and beliefs.

So far this was our Penang tour which I enjoyed a lot. If you have a semester break or some holidays and looking for any vacation spot then I would recommend Penang Iceland. Because It requires a small budget with a lot of tourist spots and natural beauties that could enlighten your mind and make you happy.

Let me know about your Penang trip if you already been there and comment about any doubt that you want to be clear in the reply section.