Public transport in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands it’s very easy to use public transportation. The most populair way of public transportation is the train. By train you are able to travel to the otherside of the country in just a couple of hours. The trains connect cities to eachother, but if you’re looking for transportation inside the city it’s easy to take the bus, the busses can take you anywhere. In Rotterdam and Amsterdam it’s even possible to take te tram, the tram is like a train moving through the city centre. You are able to pay all public transportation with just one card, it’s called the OV chipcard. You can charge the card at a train station and you just have to check in and out when using public transportation, and it will automaticly pay for the ride. It’s also common to have a bike in the Netherlands, for small distances we won’t take the bus or the train but we will just go by bike. Public transportation can be quite expensive for a student so I recommend to go by bike as much as possible. This is the easiest and also the cheapest way to reach a destination which is close by.