Relationship between Art and Society

Art has many categories and one of them is dancing. Dancing has many benefits to our younger generation in our society. Based on my experience, I’ve a been a Bharatanatyam dancer for the past 7 years. Bharatanatyam is a classical dance originally from Tamil Nadu, India. I’ve benefited a lot throughout my life learning Bharatanatyam till date. Firstly, Bharatanatyam can have prominent cognitive and psychological impacts on teenagers. This is because a dancer requires to recall the steps, names of the steps, various movements, the rhythm and beat of the song. Secondly, at a physical level, Bharatanatyam is a perfect way to attain and maintain fitness. Only certain exercises can boast the exact benefits in terms of endurance, coordination, strength. Bharatanatyam also helps benefits your eyes. When you’re doing facial expressions during dancing Bharatanatyam, you have to roll your eyes from side to side. This actually builds up your eye muscles, which also helps you in the movement of the eye. Lastly, Bharatanatyam also has a great influence on mental ad emotional well-being. Personally, I tend to dance and the movements in the dance helps me out with my stress and anger management.