Scholarships for average students

Is there any scholarships available for average students with grade CDE in A level Psychology, Maths and Biology. I really want to pursue Psychology but such course is not offered yet in my country. I cannot apply for government scholarship in my country as I do not meet their requirements. I came from a not so well off family so I could not afford to study abroad on self finance. I really hope to study Psychology again. Please help. Thank you so much.

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what about scholarships for my studys i really need and also don’t enough money to study

Dear @farhana_mhs and @pritikachand97 ,

Could you please give me more detail on where do you come from? I hope I can help you with finding scholarships that are suitable for your needs.

((P.S.: I also aim for several scholarships, from the most mainstream to the most non-mainstream scholarships. While preparing for scholarships’ interview, I take several free online courses to further enhance my knowledge on the subjects. @farhana_mhs, I also love psychology, especially Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and any other psychoanalysis subjects. Maybe we can have a chat and get to know each other more :slight_smile:))


Hello @ShierlyOctavianaHugo ,
Thank you for your kind respond.
I am from Brunei Darussalam which is in Borneo. I am hoping to get a scholarship from any Asian countries that offer Psychology courses.

How about you @ShierlyOctavianaHugo and @pritikachand97 ? Have you found scholarships for your studies? What course are you going to take? Are you planning to take Psychology course too? I would love to have a chat with you guys too.


I’ve searched several scholarship providers. Perhaps you could give a try for ASEAN scholarship offered by NUS, Singapore? It’s a scholarship that will not only pay all of your tuition fee, but also give you competitive monthly stipend as well. It’s for those who want to take any Undergraduate courses in NUS.

I have found my scholarship provider. Right now, I’m processing both of my university’s LoA and scholarship’s application.

I used to love psychology, until I heard that it’s hard to enter to psychology degree. Not only that I have to undergo double interview processes, but also most of them are field research project-based, in which I don’t have enough patience to do. It’s really saddening since I actually love psychology, but never have enough patience to actually apply it.

My future major, though, will incorporate between business and social aspect of management. It’s a Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, and it has lots of psychological components compared to another business degrees.

Thank you @ShierlyOctavianaHugo . I will give it a try as soon as possible. If I may know, which country do you come from?

So which University are you processing at the moment? And if I may ask, what was your high school qualification? As for me, I got GCE A level with grades CDE and I am in doubt whether there will be any scholarships available for grades like mine.

Yes, It’s true. You will need to get A level with minimum 280 tariff points which is at least BBC. I really love Psychology though I have heard people telling me it will be hard for me to get a job with only degree in Psychology. They will only look at those with master to get you a job as a lecturer. Or probably a doctorate in Psychology to be a clinical psychologist which I am interested in.

Do you know any other scholarships provider which provides scholarships to A level graduate like me?

I come from Surabaya, Indonesia. My high school qualification is also similar as yours, as I didn’t ace one of the subjects. My grade went down as a result, from estimatedly AAB (I was remaining on the top three when I was in High School) to CDE. Thus, I took Undergraduate degree in my country, without any scholarships. Thankfully, most Surabayan universities’ tuition fee are affordable compared to those overseas study.

I’m currently processing for Queensland University of Technology (QUT). QUT’s curriculums are centered around practical applications rather than research, which are often found in lecturers’ jobs. QUT has double degree on Bachelor of Behavioral Sciences (Psychology), means you can also apply for another related program and extend your psychological knowledge. The closest from clinical psychologist, in my opinion, is Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Behavioral Sciences, but, in case you have a different opinion, you can access all of the available option here:

For A-Level Graduate, you can also apply for Australian Awards Scholarship. It is a scholarship that will pay all of your tuition fees, and give you a competitive monthly stipend.

Thank you for your suggestions @ShierlyOctavianaHugo . I’m going to try apply degree on Bachelor of Behavioral Sciences (Psychology) at QUT soon. I hope I’ll get scholarship as they will be looking at our education merits and essay.

Have you received offer letter from QUT yet? RIght now you are currently studying in Indonesia, is it?

@farhana_mhs, you’re right! :slight_smile: Bachelor of Behavioral Sciences is, indeed, one of the most prestigious degree in the world. Anything involves psychology and human’s wellbeings are always highly rewarded, in or outside Australia! :slight_smile:

Besides, QUT is regarded as a real-world university. It means that you will learn subjects in a real-world setting rather than theoretical settings that are often found in most universities. I have yet received my offer letter as I need to work on my IELTS score, but, I really hope for the best :slight_smile: Right now, I am working as a freelancer and studying various things, including preparing for IELTS score and my future degree’s subjects.

Hi @ShierlyOctavianaHugo can I have your email? I would like to have a chat with you regarding QUT and stuffs. Thank you :smile:

I would say that will be good if average students get some scholarship because they are also doing their study same as it is like excellent students. I have read article on writing service and they are also suggest to give scholarship to the average students. It will give them confidence and motivation.

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