Seeking People who Aim for Full-tuition Australian Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships (or who has already obtained it!)


As the title suggest, I’m looking for people from any background (Indonesian is preferred, but it’s not neccessary–if you are non-Indonesian who is aiming, or has already obtained the scholarship, you are also welcome!) who aim for or has already obtained postgraduate coursework scholarships in Australia. My preference would be for people who are willing to share general informations regarding:

  • Name of the scholarships’ provider, including the availability on the universities.
  • The scholarships’ main purpose and area of interest.
  • The scholarships’ competitive advantages and disadvantages, compared to their competitors.
  • What should be prepared for the interview and selection process (should there be any), including tips and tricks on how to succeed on being selected as the scholarships’ awardee.
  • The availability of working opportunity while studying.
  • The amount and payment system of scholarships’ monthly stipend.

In addition, for those who has already obtained the scholarship, please also feel free to share the experience here, so that it can be a reliable reference for other people who also want to obtain scholarship in Australia.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: