Sharing Stories about Taking Business-related major in Australia


I see most people, especially in Asia-Pacific territories, will go to Australia to study business major. Two of my lecturers were graduated from Australian universities. At first, my intention to take a business course is to fulfill one of my lecturers’ recommendations, as she is one of Australian Awards’ Scholarship (AAS) awardee. Now that I’ve googled upon all available courses/majors and already knew where my heart belong, I plan to take something that is not only linear to my preceding business-related degree (I’m from Accounting Undergraduate), but also those that engage my caring and compassion nature to others. Regarding this, I finally set up my mind on philanthropy and non-profit courses.

Right now, I’m in the process of seeking appropriate scholarships. In my previous topic, I wrote about seeking full-tuition scholarship that will give a competitive amount of monthly stipend. Should there be no available university’s scholarships for future students who want to take Postgraduate Coursework, I’ll stick to my country’s scholarship (Indonesian’s Endowment Fund).

For another future students who want to study business in Australia, or, those who has graduated from a business-related major, you are all most welcome to share your experience here. You don’t have to go to the same course (philanthropy and non-profit) as me to share your experience.


I am Danish Malik Awan from Pakistan And Want to Come Abroad For Study for Busniess Mangement…Can You Help Me Out How I Can Apply…And What Is The Right Path To Apply…I’ll Be Wait For Your Humble Reply…
Danish Malik Awan
CZ0761611 Pakistani


Hi Danish,

You can utilize educational expo that are held in your country. First, you need to bring your academic data (transcripts and certificates from prior study/ies), CV and reference letter (if needed), and one copy of your recent passport. Then, go to the agent’s booth to get your academic data, CV, reference letter, and passport copy stamped. After that, you need to go to your desired university, talk to the representatives, and fill out the application forms that they’ve provided. In a normal setting where you decide to go through the procedures (including applying to the desired uni) all by yourself, you need to pay AUD100 by credit card for your registration fee. It can be reimbursed if you succeed in passing the scholarship’s selection process. However, waiting for reimbursal can be quite nuissance sometimes, so, I recommend you to apply through educational expo to get free registration. In addition, educational expos are often held by an education agent. By having an education agent, it will made your way to your desired university far easier than applying on your own.

Thankfully, Australia has been famous for its’ business-related degree. You can apply for any of Australian’s Group of Eight elite universities. Those universities are known for their business-related degree, research, and reputation in the whole world. UNSW is the best business school in Australia and the #12 best business school from around the world. If you wish to study Business and Management that are related to public policy, you can try ANU, the #1 best university for nearly all subjects in Australia and Top 20 from around the world. Alternatively, you can also try University of Melbourne. Its’ reputation for Business and Management are already known throughout the whole world, just like ANU and UNSW. But then, again, you might or might not have different needs for your study, so, treat those as recommendations.