Slang Languages in Indonesia


I would like to create this topic in order to increase the whole’s topics’ breadth. Previously, I’ve seen lots of slang that are used by Malaysian, German, Japan and US students. However, I’ve yet to see some Indonesian students or alumni willing to post some Indonesian slangs, especially those that are frequently used by Indonesian university/college students.

As a former Indonesian university’s student, I know some of slang languages that are used frequently. To those who are not familiar with Indonesian slangs, I’ve also elaborated over the slangs’ meanings in English, as following:

  • Baper - Shortened version of ‘bawa perasaan’ (English = touchy-feely; sensitive; take things into one’s heart). It’s often used when someone’s joking around, then, the baper person or people would instantly relate to completely unrelated topics and react emotionally to the jokes.

  • Woles - In English, it literally means, “Just relax!” By just looking at the literal meaning, you know that this word is used for reminding people not to be too overstressed or overburdened.

  • Koplak - It’s generally a sarcastic way to react to someone’s jokes. Its’ meaning is similar to English’s “legit” or “seems legit”. That someone’s jokes might make you laugh, yet, you feel that their jokes are too funny to be told.


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