Student accommodation around HELP University


I realized there are very few forum topics on HELP yet it is a rather famous uni in Malaysia. This topic should help ease some students who wish to study at HELP. Hopefully more students could further contribute to this post in the future.

Below are a list of common accommodations options for HELP Uni students.

  1. HELP Residence
  2. Wisma Lensa
  3. Houses around Jalan Kasah
  4. Houses around Lorong Maarof
  5. Twins Condo
  6. 10 Semantan
  7. Peninsular residence
  8. Menara bangsar


@joee_hoo, of the following 8 common accommodations options in HELP, which would you like to recommend? And, which are accommodations that provide 3 meals everyday? Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


help its self has 3 types of accommodation , i have found some here in this link : Help University


I’ve took very much time on resolving these thing while i was doing my MBA after arriving in Malaysia. i sort out the Jalan area is cheaper and affordable with friendly people. So i have managed to rent a house as a paying guest with a family of 4 persons. They were very nice to me they taught me their cultural life. Well anyhow the best accommodation is to dig out your self or ask help from a person who is living near those area.