Student visa when transferring from another Malaysian uni or college


While doing a research for someone I found this information. I’m posting it here and hopefully it’ll be useful for someone.

If you’re an international student in Malaysia and want to transfer from your current university or college to UNITEN, here’s the procedure to transfer your student visa:

  • Obtain an offer letter from the Admission Unit, Office of the Registrar, at UNITEN.
  • Make the EMGS Payment and Processing Fee of RM3,408.00 to Universiti Tenaga Nasional.
  • Send an email to for payment advice.
  • Submit all documents for Visa Approval Letter (VAL) application:
    A copy of university offer letter
    A copy of your passport (all page)
    A copy of your academic transcript
    3 copies of your recent passport sized photos (with blue background)
  • Release Letter from previous institution.
  • Attendance report from previous institution.

Important: Make sure that your passport has at least ONE YEAR Validity.


Please are there any other universities in Malaysia that offers transfer students apart from UNITEN?


Yes, I believe so. What do you want to study?


Business Administration. I’ve stated one year here but i would like to transfer to Malaysia to continue (i.e from second year)