Studying at Windesheim University of Applied Science

Windesheim University of Applied Science is a college located in Zwolle, a place in the north of The Netherlands. By car and by train it is about 40 minutes away from my place which is close for Dutch terms. From the station to the school it is still about a twenty minute walk to the school. Most of the students do this and in the morning you will see everybody walking to the school. But during peak hours it can take longer or when its stormy or snowy outside delay may happen often. The public transportation can not really handle heavy weather conditions. And in The Netherlands you don’t really know what weather you can expect. One day it can be really sunny and warm and the next day it can be cold and rainy all day.
I usually go by train because I have the opportunity to travel for free because the government reimburse the costs. Which is nice because train tickets are expensive in The Netherlands. Some students also get a monthly remuneration which is between the 100 and 300 euros. It depends on how much money your parents make and whether you live at your parents or on your own.
Since 2 years ago the government doesn’t do this anymore and the students have to loan money from the government now with a low interest and they have the opportunity to pay it back within 30 years.

This college offers different kind of programs, you can practically study anything here. The school is divided in different departments and each department has its own building. The school is pretty big but all located in one place. My study, International Business and Languages, for example belongs to the department BMR which stands for Business, Media and Recht (law). This department is located in the modern building, you will recognize immediately and most of the classes will be held in this building. The classes are always with your own class you only have to change classroom but you will always be with the same people.

I have chosen this study because the variation this program offers. The subjects they offer are the languages French, English, German and Spanish and business subjects such as Marketing, Sales, Export, Import and Economics. So the job opportunities are vary and can pretty much do a lot in the business world. I have chosen to study at this college because 1. this is one of the nearest colleges from where I live and 2. this college is rated high in the ranking of Dutch colleges. I also got a nice impression during a visit to this college compared to other colleges a visited. The communication at this college could be better sometimes but overall it is a nice college to study at.