The costs of studying in the Netherlands

There are several expenses that international students have to take into account when deciding to study in The Netherlands. The costs include accommodation, food, and transportation.

1. Accommodation costs

Renting expenses of an apartment:

  • A student living alone in an apartment: 400-600 EUR/month
  • A student living in student accommodation: 350 EUR/month

Average expenses related to accommodation:

  • Electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage: 160 EUR/month
  • Internet subscriptions: 40 EUR/month

2. Food costs

Money spent on food depends on the student’s lifestyle and the city that the person lives in.

Inexpensive restaurants: 10-15 EUR
Mid-range restaurants: 20-35 EUR
Markets: 30 EUR/month

3. Transportation costs

One way ticket for local transportation: 2-4 EUR
Regular price for a monthly pass: 50-100 EUR
Taxi 1km: 2-3 EUR
Gasoline: 1.50-1.75 EUR

Which city is best for international students?

Top 10 of the best student cities in the Netherlands:

  1. Leiden
  2. Groningen
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Rotterdam
  5. Eindhoven
  6. Delft
  7. Den Haag (The Hague)
  8. Tilburg
  9. Utrecht
  10. Maastricht