The Side Effects Of Using Headphones

Music has been part of our life. Many people can’t live without music and most of the time people use headphones to listen music. But did you know ,there are also many effects while using headphones.
One of the side effects of headphones are , you might loss your hearing . One of my uncle’s friend almost loss his hearing because when he was younger he enjoys listening music with the volume increase to 100% for almost an hour. There are times where people felt annoyed talking to him because we have to rise our voice to talk to him. Another side effects of excessive use of headphone is that , you will easily get ear infections. Sharing your headphones with your friends ,means that you are also exchanging the germs with them. One of my friend had an experienced this before ,where she got infection after using another friend of hers .
Therefore, is better to bring your own headphones instead of sharing because you never know if he or she has any infection in the ear. If you are unaware of it , you might get a serious infection just like what my friend did.