Tier 2 Visa: I don't want to get out! I want to get a job in the UK

Following a fresh crackdown on immigration, international students will be forced out of the UK as soon as they finish studies, this is the policy that’s currently being debated.

Currently, fresh graduates who want to stay in the UK are given a four-month time limit to find a job — if not, they have to leave.

Is it possible to secure a job within 4 months? I suppose it’s possible but difficult considering the tough job market.

What’s a Tier 2 Visa?
Fresh non-EU graduates who wish to stay longer apply for the Tier 2 Visa (and the conditions/requirements are tough). View more info about Tier 2 Visa

BUT Wait! Before you qualify for a Tier 2 Visa, you need to get a job, fast! So how?

  1. Early bird catches the early worm
    This old saying runs true. Don’t wait for graduation day to start hunting for jobs. Start searching and applying for jobs on the start of your final year 'cause some companies have a very long recruitment process. Enhance and build up your lineup of references as this is much needed when employers come to a decision point.

  2. Check if your future employer has a Tier 2 visa sponsor licence
    This is one of the requirements in securing a Tier 2 Visa, if you’re employer’s not on the Home Office list of registered UK employer sponsors then it’s time to move on and look for one that’s licensed!

  3. Don’t accept a job offer that pays you less than £20,800
    This is another requirement for the Tier 2 visa, although this depends on the kind of job. However, be flexible, let’s say you got rejected for a job position, try to see if it’s possible to be considered in other job openings.

  4. Look for a job that requires specific skills
    Your best bet are jobs that require skills that are not common or not easy to find in the market, such as your foreign language skills (Do you speak/write Mandarin, Japanese, etc.), culinary skills (molecular gastronomy for instance). I mean, what’s the point of granting you a Tier 2 visa when there are many candidates who can take that job, right?

  5. Expand your network
    This is actually related to no. 1, you don’t find jobs on the classified ads or job fairs, sometimes you get this valuable information through friends and colleagues who are already in the workforce. Optimise social media sites such as LinkedIN, Monster, etc.

If things don’t work out, always have a plan B. As they say, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Sometimes, we need to go back home and find opportunities there.

Anyone here who has some tips to share on job hunting? Please share 'em here!

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