Time management as a university student

I’ve just entered university and it is my first year as a university student. I’ve been here for a month. There is many different thing i know and many thing yet to discover. What can i say is, my schedule are not really that packed because i don’t entered many club here. Well, maybe it just beginning. We don’t know what will happen later. Sometimes i have 2 and maximum 4 class a day. it start early at 8 am or 12 pm. We know that university plan so much activities so that student can get involved and be active. Not just 24 hour studying but at least we got to do things that we like and of course it’s the best way to relax our mind. At here we have to know what is our priority rather than waste your precious time with useless activities. I got friend of mine where is she always come back late because her class end at 7.00 pm and sometimes her faculty doing programme and was held until 10 p.m. For me that was too over but that depends to certain courses. To conclude, good time management for student very important so that we can survive till the end of our journey. This is my experience as a new student, i would be gladly happy to know yours. Maybe you guys can share some stories too :smile:

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Are there like mobile phone apps (tools) that can help with planning activities?

Hi Sarah! I’m not sure about that. I think if there is one, it would be great! :wink:

Hi @adnyock95 . At my first year I had the same experience as yours, my schedule wasn’t really tight and hadn’t joined any extracurricular activities either. I guess I was much better off regarding my studies though. Now, I’m more concerned about time-management as you brought up the subject too. But I think it’s quite okay to find ourselves stretched too thin as far as time’s concerned, because time’s one of the things you’ll never have hundred percent control over.

Yes you are true about that, time always ticking without nonstop and if we waste it with something useless we will regret some other day. So we must know how to use it and be discipline.

I used the Timetable app to remind me of tasks, exams, and classes.

To be honest, I spend 70% of my time doing extracurricular activities and productive work. You have to find the passion. If you have a purpose and a goal, everything will seem easy to follow.

When I first entered University, my schedule wasn’t really packed. I didn’t know I could add/drop subjects. I kinda regret that I didn’t took Chemistry and C programming on my first semester. I spend most of my time sleeping and exploring Selangor. I have no life. Then, on my second, I was overactive. I took subjects that I’m not good at and I do a lot of volunteering, clubs, activities. I ended up failing my General Psychology(PSYC201). That is when I realized that I cannot do everything and have to prioritize myself better. Like Steve Jobs said, “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.”

So yeah, It will be easier if your program is exam-based as you can study for the last 2 weeks and still get an A while I’m in a coursework based program and 70% comes from assignments, projects etc. and 90% is an A. Below 70 is a fail. Haha.


Yeah there is so much things to decide in this life @AnwarHaikal on which way we prefer. Maybe on the first time we try to find where is our passion and still not into new life as a university student. There is a lot thing have to discover but later we will know where we want to go. It is good to have a timetable…by the way, is it an app? It sound so interesting, I will try it !

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I’m in my final semester of my final year. I personally lay down the things need to complete in the beginning of the week starting with classes, work (I run my own small enterprise), then extra-curricular activities and so on and so forth. It helps me to keep my head in check because I tend to miss anything if I don’t write it down. I’ll then post it up on my wall for me to see everyday. I think there’s a few apps to help with this but I’m a big pen and paper 'gal so yeah. Haha. What I always remember when laying down my time table, always block some time off for myself. It helps to keep everything in balance. Me-time means doing the things you love with yourself and for yourself, instead of doing it with other people, and for other people.

Life’s too short to be stressed out with work and work only!

In my case i am now juggling between study , work and club. Its a bit challenging but if you have a calendar planner (a book) and list down the activities that is going to happen in next month you are less likely to feel stress. Also prioritize is also extremely important that are something that you should not spend much time on it.