Tips for your juniors!


This is a question I’ve been intrigued to ask - with the answers, I hope it would help others looking to start uni or go through uni life.

First Years what are your tips for the year below you and those looking to start university or about to start their university career?

Second Years what are your tips for the first years who are about to follow in your footsteps in a the first year that ‘actually counts’?

Third Years what are your tips for the second years who are stressing about the final year?

What are the do’s and don’ts? What are the little things that helped you?

I’d love to hear your responses!


People coming to first year: ENJOY YOUR TIME IN FIRST YEAR, don’t mug away like what everyone asks you to do, because once you’re in your second year, it’s no honeymoon and you’d feel too old to make memories. :blush:

And try to widen your range of interests as well, be ambitious, challenge yourself as much as you can😉


My advise is join as much club as possible it let you eventually source out which club you are passionate in and you get to met senior which will help you in you college life. The other reason is because when you reach second year you will never have enough time to join any club or society.