Transportation could be an issue for IUKL!

For a university, it’s important to make sure a proper and sufficient transportation system for the students and the staffs who comes daily to fulfil their purposes. As a student of IUKL, I really face some insufficiency that makes me write this topic.

The location of IUKL is moderately far from the Kuala Lumpur city, that’s why it’s difficult for those students who are not staying in IUKL campus and don’t have their own transport. IUKL has its own shuttle bus service which is the one and only public transportation system for IUKL students. This bus service offers students to go to the nearest KTM, MRT&LRT station which could be minimum 7-9 kilometre far from IUKL. So if any student, unfortunately, misses the bus then they have to wait for the next bus otherwise they have to use grab or any private vehicle to go to the station.

Another fact that may affect the student and working life in IUKL is an insufficient parking spot for private vehicles. I mentioned that earlier, students who don’t live in the IUKL campus have to arrange their own transportation for attending their classes. But there is not enough parking spot so that sometimes it makes trouble for them to park their car in a suitable place.

But the good thing is that there are no parking fees for the parking places on campus and the corporate blocks. Students can park their vehicle as long as they want without paying fees. So if you have your own transportation then it’s easy for you to come and go for your classes but in case if you don’t have your own, then you just need to know the shuttle bus schedule and follow the schedule for attending your daily classes.

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