Transportation in UK

Hye guys? I’ve been research myself about transportation in UK and still don’t know which one is convenience for student like me to choose. I mean something like should I buy direct from the counter or should I buy Oyster card or travel card?. Can anyone help me?

Hi @enteraleyelash , my friend said so… She said there will be double price if we buy ticket through counter ticket service. Do you think is there any cheapest than oyster card?

@omelettebullocks they say that you must have an 18+ Student oyster photocard to get 30% discount off all fares. The price depends on the zone you are travelling in since London has 9 zones, so hard to say exact fee. But overall, transportation in London is damn expensive so I’m thinking to buy/rent a bike during summer days

Hm, depends where you live. I know that my friend used bike in London - cheep and good for health :smile:

@Moonlight But isn’t it troublesome and inconvenient to go around on a bike especially with the rainy and wet weather in UK?

Anyone else know how’s the bus system in UK tho?

@nippynosy haha, you can just use a raincoat than… He said the channels system is really nice and it’s very pleasant way to go work or studies every day :slight_smile:

We call the train here the tube. Or else, we will laugh at you. Just kidding!

Here is the map of the London Tube, I suggest you get the Osyter card since it pretty much helps you going around, makes it easier for everyone.

I suppose with the wet and rainy weather there, it’ll be good to get some good boots/ shoes as we’ll be walking a lot in wet conditions. Thanks for sharing the very visual and insightful info @joe_smith