Treatments On Sleeping Habits

Sleeping has become a huge issue for most university students, as there are numerous tasks and assignments with an extremely tight due date.

From the computer-generated recommendation topics, I noticed that the previous topics have cited on how important time management for students is. However, I’m not going to ask fellow members to discuss on that since there is already a similar topic. What am I trying to get everyone involved to discuss is, what are specific treatments that you’ve used, so that you will be able to stay out all night?

When I was a university student, I was considering to close my eyes using cutted cucumbers. According to various sources, cucumbers have vitamins that will increase on people’s sight. The increasing ability of sighting is useful for staying out all night doing the paper or online-based assignments and tasks.

i saw one article on internet before it say by not using your smartphone before 2 hour you sleep can let you easily have a deep slumber. It say the “blue light” of a phone may make your brain active and hard to get into sleep.

I am that type of “lazy piggy” who always “accidentally” fall asleep even the assignments deadline is around the corner. Not that I don’t feel panic, but I guess I’m just blessed to be able to fall asleep in any condition. :blush:
It was by mistake that I discover a type of herbal tea can keep me awake throughout the night. I was having a fever and my friend recommend me to drink herbal tea before sleep (normally I still can sleep after drinking few cups of coffee and/or green tea), but I stay awake throughout the night, while I’m having a fever. :thermometer_face:
I’d tried few times and it works perfectly well (always keep some of those in my cabinet now :stuck_out_tongue: ). Well, I’ll be exhausted by the next day afternoon, though.

So, if coffee doesn’t work for you, you might want to try on tea~ :wink:

Yeah agree! For me chinese tea keeps me awake but English tea helps soothe me and calms me down to help me sleep :wink:

I’m just like Ivy, I can sleep pretty easily. My friends always envy me because of that! hehe.

But a good friend of mine usually drink something warm like milk or milo to help her with sleeping.