UCAM Student Accommodation

Good news to all UCAM Students, local and international!
UCAM has created an Accommodation Database so that every member of the college community can search for housing easier. The website can be viewed via this website: https://campus.ucam.edu/web/sie/residencias.php

Most of the concerns of international students are really where to stay around campus especially when they have visited the country for the first time, websites like Airbnb, Trivago, Agoda and many more are good websites to go and find accommodation to survive your first few days. Typing ‘Alquiler pisos en Murcia’ on a search engine website will find a number of listings with lots of information.

The best place to survive your first night is to find a hostel nearby the Cathedral as it is in the center and close to the bus station and tram.

Here are my thoughts on the accommodation for us students in UCAM, what are yours?