Waiver and discounts for IUKL students

Students who want to come to Malaysia for higher studies, most of them whether want to get a part-time job or asking about the study waiver for secondary financial assistance. So let’s talk about tuition fee waiver and discounts that are offered by IUKL.


From this Banner, it says students can have a tuition fees waiver up to 50% during their study period at IUKL, but this waiver also contains some terms and conditions. :wink: So it’s obvious when any student claims the waiver, university authority would check to whether the student is eligible for it or he/she missed any of the requirements.

Firstly, the major and tough requirement for a student is to get a GPA and CGPA equivalent or more than 3.75. In my opinion, this is the hardest and toughest requirement for an international student because when a student goes abroad for their higher study it takes some time to get used to with the new environment and trends. So based on my experience if any student wants to get a tuition fee waiver from the first semester of his/her study career then he/she better have a mindset before coming here that no matter what happens they would have tried hard and always be focused on the study from the very beginning.

Secondly, it has been clearly mentioned that student must get an equivalent or higher CGPA and GPA 3.75 which means if any student scores 3.75 in the current semester which is GPA and his CGPA is below 3.75 then that student won’t be able to claim the waiver from the university. And another thing is that student somehow manages to maintain his CGPA more than 3.75 but in the current semester somehow he failed to get a GPA 3.75 then again he couldn’t be able to claim waiver. So this the mandatory fact that before claiming the waiver student need to double check their CGPA and GPA.

Thirdly, If the student who is currently into the waiver Scheme but suddenly drop a semester in between his study career then this Scheme will be disabled for him till he gets the CGPA and GPA again. So basically it’s a process which helps students financially from the beginning until the end of their study career. If a student really wants to get a waiver then he/she will receive a good result and financial support as well.

IUKL also offers two discount scheme for both the international and local students. First one is-
Sibling discount scheme:
This scheme is offered to students with siblings who have previously studied or is currently studying in IUKL. That means if any present or past student wants to admit his/her siblings in IUKL then that sibling will receive a discount amount from his/her tuition fees. The amount is RM 1500.00 which will be deducted from the first-semester tuition fees for the sibling. But if the sibling needs to attend the Intensive English Programme (IEP) then this discount won’t work for him/her. It was only applicable for the semester fees.

IUKL group discount scheme:
This discount is offered to students who come in groups when registering at IUK that means if any student who somehow manage his/her friends or siblings to come with him/her then they will get a RM 1000.00 discount for each of them in the first semester. But those students must need to register at the same time and same semester. So if any student in the group needs to attend the IEP program which is not actually considered as a semester, will not get this discount.

So far these are the waiver and discount facilities offered by the IUKL authority for students who want to come and study here. For more information please visit IUKL website. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: