Want a 'sandwich' course? Anyone?

Nope. This is not for eating. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Universities/colleges in the UK offer many courses that fit every learning need. Hence, they’ve created this unique type of programme called — sandwich courses.

A ‘sandwich course’ is a programme where you work for a year or two in a relevant industry. This is different from Industrial placements which only last a few months.

There are undergraduate programmes that offer students the opportunity to gain work experience as part of their course requirement. This course is tailored for students who are practical and wish to apply their knowledge on actual work situations.

What are the benefits?
Spending a year in industry allows you to immerse yourself in the working world. It gives you hands-on experience, teaches you new skills and allows you to put into practice what you have learned.

There are 2 types of sandwich course. There’s the ‘thin sandwich’ course where students undertake work experience throughout their degree programme, either in the UK or in some cases abroad. And, there are ‘thick sandwich’ courses, which entail two years’ initial study at a university, a third year on a relevant ‘work placement’, with the student then returning to university to complete their degree programme.

Who’s offering sandwich courses?
Majority of these sandwich degrees are provided by a small cluster of universities and they’re mostly in areas such as science, engineering, IT and business.

Not all universities offer this type of course as it’s difficult and costly for them to monitor the learning progress of students who are doing internships. Here are a few institutions that still offer sandwich courses:

  • University of Bradford - offers thin (4 years) and thick (5 years) sandwich courses. Most of University of Bradford’s sandwich courses are in the fields of science and business.
  • University of Brighton - offers optional sandwich year for students taking up Geography, Business and events Management.
  • Writtle College - offers 1-year sandwich courses for areas in Horticulture, Agriculture, Animal Care, Environmental Conservation, floristry, Veterinary Nursing and Nursing Assistant in a Veterinary Environment.
  • University of Kent - provides a wide range of opportunities for work experience while studying. Many of their programmes give students the option to spend a ‘sandwich’ year in industry. Courses with 1-year industrial experience include Biology, Biochemistry, Accounting and Finance, Actuarial science, Applied Psychology, Art History, Bioengineering, Computer Science and many more.
  • Liverpool John Moores University - offers 41 sandwich degrees in the fields of Architectural Engineering, Architectural Technology, Audio and Music Production, Building Services engineering, Building Surveying, Business & Public Relations, Computer Forensics and so forth.
  • University of East London - offers optional sandwich courses for students who wish to have work experience abroad. Fields of study include Accounting & Finance, Acting, Advertising, Animation & Illustration, Anthropology, Architectural Design Technology, Architecture, Biomedical Science and so forth.
  • Middlesex University - provides one-year sandwich options for most of its programmes, allowing students to work in supervised ‘placements’ where they gain workplace skills, earn a reasonable salary and work with tutors to contextualise their work with their studies.
  • Barnsley College - offers optional sandwich year for courses such as Construction & Project Management, Digital Film and Visual Effects Production, Film, Animation, Music and Enterprise

If you wish to learn more about Sandwich Courses, you can post your questions here :blush:

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