What are the Differences between UiTM and KPTM (Kolej Poly-Tech MARA)?

I was a former Foundation in Law student in UiTM and during that time, although we were located in the same place, the Foundation in Law students were separated into two, Foundation in Law UiTM and Foundation in Law KPTM.

And it got me thinking: What are the Differences between UiTM and KPTM (Kolej Poly-Tech MARA)?

University vs Polytechnic
Degree: Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) is a full fledged university so it can grant degrees whereas KPTM is a polytechnic college which cannot grant degree. In other words, UiTM offers degree programmes while KPTM only offers certificate and diploma programmes.

Size: In term of size, university is usually larger than college. In other words, other than the physical size of university compound, the number of intakes (or students and staffs) are much higher for university than college. So the number of student clubs / societies / events etc are much more happening in university compared to college.

Syllabus: University programmes more heavily focus on theories vs polytechnics more heavily focus on skills application and techniques.

Admission: To admit into KPTM you just need to apply using your SPM result. To admit into UiTM you need to apply using your pre-university (such as STPM, matriculation, diploma or even UiTM’s foundation!) result.

To sum up, UiTM offer tertiary education whereas KPTM offer pre-university education. If you want, you can enroll into KPTM diploma programme after your SPM. After you graduated from KPTM diploma, you can actually use the diploma to enroll into UiTM.

saya dapat tawaran dari uitm dan kptm. di kptm, saya dapat tawaran yang memang saya nak iaitu hr. dekat uitm pula dapat teknologi higien dan keselamatan pekerja. which one do you think is better?