What do you think of easyuni? Feedbacks are not only welcome but will be answered and replied to


Hello all

Im the co-founder and CEO of easyuni. When we started this, our vision was to help students and parents everywhere to make better decision when choosing University and Colleges. We want to tell everybody that there are many many options available out there and you should widen your horizon above and beyond the 5 or 10 mentioned to you by your friends, family and relatives.

Make no mistake, searching for college is one of the most important milestone in your life. And we want to be part of it and make a difference. At no cost to you as the best things in life should be free :smiley:

So please surf away on any easyuni sites. Fire away and tell us what works, what needs improvement and what needs to be trashed and dont see the light of day ever again. Im listening.

Best Regards
Edwin Tay


Hi @edwintay, good to e-meet you! I’m still going through the easyuni website, so far it’s been good. Would be better if there’s more reviews by students, alumni, or maybe even faculty from the unis. That’s my feedback. Tq.


Hey @nosynail, thanks for the feedback. We are already working hard to get
more students to write honest and genuine reviews of their university. With
that we are also connecting with alumnus for the same reason.

But to be honest, we didn’t think of approaching faculties to write
reviews. Will keep that in mind for sure. Thanks much for the idea! :slight_smile:


Hey @edwintay thanks for being one of the brainchild’s of easyuni. It has really helped me be able to apply to Universities Overseas from Kenya


This is really one of the greatest and rarest platform for anyone to learn more about universities and colleges around the world and get in touch with them easily


Your Educational setup is so awesome and great. I really love it personally.

Clifford Kwamena Ayensu


Thanks @cullenombok, @ayensuclifford. Im glad we played a positive role in your search for Universities. Do get in touch with our counselors (at hello@easyuni.com) if you need any help at all in your search for the perfect university. We dont charge any fees to students - after all, we are here to help students.



Dear @bachorjonah7,

Thank you for the compliments. We are glad you find value in using our portals. Do help to spread the word around to your friends. If there is any other thing we can do to help you with your search and application into your perfect university, do email to us at hello@easyuni.com

All our services to students are free. :smile:



I am interested at your university. I want to be study of your university… please admit me…


Dear Abu Sufian

Thank you for your response. We are not a University, rather we help students to get into the University of their choice. Kindly email to us (hello at easyuni dot com) your contact details (phone, email address) and your requirements and I will get our student counselors to help you



EasyUni is a place I wish to study,but find it difficult to be admitted, please Mr COE help me get raid of this admission sicking problem into the easyuni.thank.


Hello there,

Thank you for your response. We are not a University, rather we help students to get into the University of their choice. Kindly email to us (hello at easyuni dot com) your contact details (phone, email address) and your requirements and I will get our student counselors to help you



Tangs to easyuni because your service is superb. I love survice in easyuni. Please help me


Hi Nur Adilah

Thank you for your feedback. We are glad that we could be of help to you.

Kindly email to us at hello (at) easyuni dot com with more details on your requirements and needs so we can help you further.



Hi @edwintay
I want add more reviews about some universities but the problem Im graduated only from one university, Can I add review for another universities according to my experience and my friends views?


@asemktb You are welcomed to invite your friends to write a review. But it’s not advisable for you to review for other universities because you have not experienced it in first hand. :smile:


Hi @edwintay @Ivy,

First of all, I have to say that I REALLY love your website! It is not only helpful, but also provide people plenty choices of many universities at once. I’ve gone to many education agents, and they were all pretty much the same, but not with easyuni.com. It provides people with personality tests to get to know themselves better, thus redirecting them to the right university and course. Not to forget that it enable me to work as ambassador in a flexible hour where I can earn money and set my own pace at the same time.

Since this is my first day here, there are some things that I’d like to clarify upon: When I read the MoU, it stated that my review will be considered only if 3 out of 5 criterions are being met, with being student/alumni on the targeted university is one of those (seemingly) optional criterions. When I read those, one thing that crossed my mind is that I might have the right to review, even though I’m not a student nor alumni on the university, as long as I meet three review criterions in total.

However, when I started to click “Write a review” button, it only gave me the option of “Student” and “Alumni”. My question would be, if I’m just a visitor on the targeted university, yet, I have personally experienced all the facilities, meet the university’s representatives, know all the best faculties and courses they offered, and have observed the student’s life on the university, which one of the option should I choose?

Another feedback to be considered would be the option to enter our own university, should it be not found anywhere in this website, so that it will enable people who graduate from a university that is not listed on the website to review their own university.

Hope to hear more from you soon.

Best regards,


Hello Shierly

Welcome to EasyUni! :smile: Im glad you like EasyUni and understand the value that we provide to students all over the world. Its still work in progress and a lot more things for us to do, including giving students more reviews both in quantity and quality. Thats where you come in :wink:

Yes you may write a review if you are not an existing student in that university BUT only if you have good and accurate knowledge about that university. The idea is that our students may learn from your review as it will help them make a better decision after reading your review.

With regards to your university which is not currently listed - yeah we can do that. Currently our data team is working to add in new universities on daily basis. We are choosy in our listing and only list decent accredited university. Do email to us your university and we shall put it in queue. :slight_smile:. Email to us at hello(at)easyuni dot com

Once again, welcome and be active! :smile:



Hi Shierly,

Welcome aboard! And thanks for your feedback. I shall edit and update the MoU accordingly :slight_smile:

As what Edwin mentioned, you may write a review under ‘alumni’ (or until we’ve come up with other option to choose from) if you have really good knowledge about that university. But please mention that you have not studied in that university/college and state clearly from which medium you get the information from (eg: open day, attended their event, school visit, collaborated to organise an event, exchange student, assignment project etc.), read from online review from another website is NOT ALLOWED. Please only write your first-hand experience.

Also, in the case where the university is not listed. There are other plans to it.
Kindly check your email for more details. :wink:

Warmest regards,


Hi Ivy,

Thank you for the response. I’ve checked my e-mail address, and I’ve replied to it with my preferred plan option as well. In addition, I’ve also had reported my current progress on the page you’ve provided.

I’ll let you know should there be any further updates on my progress or suggestions regarding the easyuni.com website as a whole.

Kind regards,